0512: Crossfit

By: Chris Thorndike


If You Don’t Fear Your Workout, It Isn’t Hard Enough!

Fear is the most powerful emotion known to man. It unlocks energy to take action like no other motivator!

So, why not use this emotion to get in the jaw dropping, best shape of your life?

You may think I’m crazy, but hear me out before you pass on getting into the kind of shape that makes you want to show off your body in a swimsuit.

It’s too often that we hear prospective athletes request, plead, and sometimes beg for the accountability and motivation to help them lose weight, feel fit, get strong, or just stay active.

As a school that prides itself on bringing elite fitness to the office or cubicle dweller, accountability and motivation is what we do best!

How do we do this you ask?  Well, here are our three Fitness Laws that change Lives…

  1. Accountability- Without it you’re nothing. All members of CrossFit Gainesville have a Primary Coach to keep them honest with their class attendance. Miss one week in our program and you get a call. Trust me, you don’t want this type of call!
  2. Group Coaching- Learning in a group atmosphere provides all of the support you expect from people like you, but also the technical Instruction from a coach who encourages confidence when learning challenging exercises and special skills.
  3. Hard Exercise- Very simple: IT WORKS! You want results and we know how to get them. Wanting to be in the best shape of your life and being in the best shape of your life is completely different!  What separates those who want and those who have is DISCIPLINE! Which one are you?

My advice for those committed to their current gym membership or conditioning program is to ensure that you’re always challenged and growing new skill sets. Without growth, comes the plague of fitness complacency and comfort—two major catastrophes that kill life-changing results!


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