0512: Editors Letter – We Like It Hot

Although the theme for this month’s issue was planned long before smoke invaded Gainesville, it proved to be quite fitting. In our first “Hot” issue, we explored the literal and not-so-literal interpretations of what happens when temperatures rise.

In our Gainesville Hot Spots guide, you’ll find out-of-the-box restaurants, coffee shops and more to get you out of your daily rut. Although summer’s official start date is still a month away, we also feature some of this season’s hottest sunglasses for you to enjoy the rays in style.

This month, I had the opportunity to get to know John Dowling, a City of Gainesville firefighter at Station 2. When the word “hero” was mentioned, he was undeniably humble and insisted that anyone would do what he does if they were in the same situation. Although that may be true, there are few who choose to dedicate and risk their own lives to help others each and every day.

From a firefighter’s journey to a restaurant’s triumph over even the most unexpected challenges, we sat down with the owner of Satchel’s Pizza to discuss the aftermath of the recent fire. The community has come together to ensure that the popular pizza place can reopen as soon as possible.

It’s this tenacious desire to help one another, even when flames arise, that makes Gainesville such a warm place to call home.



Sasha Fields