0612 The Power of Group Fitness

By: Caleb Whitfield


Let’s take a vote. Put up your hand if you’d rather exercise with a friend or partner. Okay, that’s pretty much everyone. You can put your hands down now!

As silly as that seems, many continue to drag themselves to the gym, day after day, week after week, all by their lonesome. Without a game plan in mind, you are at risk for a lack of motivation. You might even say to yourself, I guess I’ll do the same circuit I did last week. Or maybe you’ve even outgrown your personal trainer’s energy but you’re not sure where to go next…

I have good news! There is hope for your plight, and the solution is group training! Forget about not having a desire to workout or nobody to keep you accountable. Once you train within a structured group class, gone will be the days of having no set workout routine and you can begin to make real progress! Below are five benefits of group training:

  1. Motivation: It’s tough keeping yourself up all the time. Some days you’re tired and others you’re sore, but having those group partners with you can help push you to a great workout regardless of how you feel when you arrive at the gym. You can also measure your progress against your peers and ensure that your fitness is headed in the right direction.
  2. Accountability: If you don’t show up to the gym when a group is waiting for you, they will notice! A great way to keep yourself accountable is to surround yourself with others who expect you to show up and work hard. (This includes a coach!)
  3. Atmosphere: The encouragement and camaraderie that comes from a group class is second to none. Nowhere else will you find a motivated bunch that wants to see you excel just as much as you do. Setting new personal records and seeing others do so will provide you with the emotional health you seek as well!
  4. Cost: Personal trainers can be expensive, most ranging from $60-$90 for an hour. Group sessions on the other hand can be significantly cheaper such as $15-$20 for an hour. Granted, you will be within a small group but the attention from a trainer/coach is always there.
  5. Safety: Ever want to go heavy on a lift at the gym but had nobody around to spot you? It’s disappointing, and you are often forced to use less weight and not push yourself. Having others within your group will allow you to fully push your body to the limit while they spot you for safety reasons. You also have the added benefit of a coach/trainer’s eye on you making sure form and technique is not compromised in a quest for faster workouts or heavier weights.

Gainesville has a variety of group training options to help you break out of your current fitness rut. From cardio kickboxing type classes, to a more structured strength and conditioning program like CrossFit Gainesville, there are many options for you to make this summer one of your healthiest yet!

Contact CrossFit Gainesville at 352-215-8609 for more information about personally coached Group Training classes.