0712: The 5 Rooms of the Mind


The 5 IGS-rooms have been the topic of discussion in this series of articles with such regularity we thought we would spend some time on them. Hence, the new “moniker” or name for this evolving article, The 5 Rooms of the Mind(a.k.a. the 5 IGS-rooms). Don’t worry, we won’t lose track of the “food” that feeds a hungry mind, but there is so much more to the mind than just eating! Now if that ain’t food for thought…well…never mind.

As you can see in the blue avatar-like figure above, the 5 IGS-rooms are nested in the virtual space of our brains. In fact, the human mind forms the only virtual organ of our body! In other words, a neurosurgeon doing everyday surgical plumbing on our brains has never run into the 5 IGS-rooms. Still, they’re there, as is their influence on the surgeon’s mind, as his or her spouse or child will attest to! Even though you can never see or touch the IGS-rooms, they touch every aspect of our lives—cradle to grave.

These rooms sprang out of the thoughts of our ancestors some 150,000 years ago, a time (it is believed) when simultaneously the FOX P2 gene coding for the human voice box came into being. Ever since then, modern men and women have become  “talking bipeds in search of information.” Throughout the ages, all of us, including historians, educators, physicians, lawyers, politicians, actors, poets—the usual cast of characters—have been walking inside the 5 Rooms of the Mind gathering in and sharing the information these rooms have to offer. Yep, long before the Internet was conceived, including all the iPhones, iPads and the thousands of other “i” mediums for gathering and sharing information, we were already evolving into a new species one might call homo sapiens informationalis. You’re a part of this evolution/revolution, 24x7x365. And, the IGS-rooms will continue to drive all this info-whoopee, today, tomorrow—forever.

In upcoming articles, as we peer into The 5 Rooms of the Mind, we’ll all see how our words, emotions and behaviors are created and destroyed. We’ll see how anxiety, depression, passion, anger, guilt, power, empathy (the basic emotional seasonings of life) are the gifts granted to us by accessing one room versus another. Believe me, The 5 Rooms of the Mind form the most precious and exciting real estate you’ll ever own. And what’s even more fantastic? You already own them! Now, through the upcoming set of articles we have planned, we’ll help teach you how to navigate the rooms to your advantage. As the figure above shows, IGS-room #1 exists in virtual (not real) space behind your right eye, room #2 behind your right ear, room #3 at the back of your head, room #4 behind your left ear and room #5 behind your left eye. See them? Don’t worry, they “see” for you every waking and dreaming moment of your life.

In case you wondered, animals don’t have “IGS-rooms,” but they do have “IGS-boxes.” That said, both boxes and/or rooms grant all animal and human thought the same basic emotions and behaviors. But as we shall see, humans have the extraordinary ability to consciously and unconsciously manipulate their thoughts through words which, in turn, create a whole new landscape of meaning we call humanity.

The 5 IGS-rooms have shaped this humanity into its present day form—for good or for evil. Man, you’ve got to love the Rooms! By the way, my golden retriever has just asked me to join her in “room,” I mean “box,” # 3. Tune in next month to see my fate. Wonder which “box” or “room” your pet, spouse, child or lover has in store for you? No matter, in a few short months, you can choose any “room” you want! Dating will never be the same. Psst, save the boxes for your animals, your date will still want the words.