Vintage Genie Glam


The fun, fabulous and functional features of Fresh Pastry Stand, an Etsy store, come from the creative, joy-filled mind of the vintage genie herself, Deva Mirel.

After greeting us with a big, white, wide smile, we were escorted by this glamorous mother of three in her vibrant sundress, with her crown of turquoise silk flowers, into her time-travelled world.

From her mid-century modern house in Alachua filled with mid-century treasures, Deva works her magic turning stacks and stacks of recycled plates into pastry stands, unbleached cotton into tea towels with screen-printed vintage images and locally sourced beeswax into candles from molds of vintage objects.

So, let’s see here, local, vintage, modern, creative. I would say that this is one glamorous genie. Wouldn’t you agree?

She sells through her Etsy store and through