Artist Q&A – Jessi Miller


How did you become an artist? Where did your passion for art come from?

I’ve been an artist since birth, it’s inherent in all of us — the difference is simply whether or not to choose it as a career. When I was choosing mine, my faith in the art business wasn’t strong so I opted for a degree in advertising design to have a “day job” while I continued to paint on the side. I think I finally felt like “an artist” when I had my first gallery show and I listened to people’s different personal reactions to my art.

My passion for art comes from my passion for life. Life is beautiful and terrible, and art is the expression of all of it. I am strongly moved to save the world and I believe that art, in all of its mediums, is the greatest catalyst for change that exists.


What kind of art do you do?

I create bold and colorful acrylic paintingsthat are centered around relationships and the beauty in simple moments, whether with people, animals, or abstract color.


What is the purpose behind your art?

To evoke feeling, to move people, to tell a story…basically to affect the viewer in some way. There is always a story in every piece I create, though, interestingly enough, I have experienced that often the story or emotion it brings up for the viewer can be totally different than the one I intended. It’s personal. We all have our own life and associations. I’ve seen people cry from looking at my paintings. That’s when I know I’ve got it right!


How do you feel when you’re engaging in your art? What is going through your head?

It is the most elevated state that I know for myself. It’s pure happiness. When I’m painting I am able to let go of everything else and it’s as if the paint flows right through me onto the canvas. Each stroke is like an interaction in a dance with the universe.


Advice to other aspiring/young artists/creative students out there?

Create. Keep creating whatever you are moved to do. Don’t worry about who will or won’t like it, just keep creating. Don’t worry about how it comes out. Don’t worry about mistakes — just make another and another and another. Be proud of it. Show the world what you’re doing. Social media is fantastic for starving artists — it’s free publicity! Keep creating and keep networking. Constantly. Also, don’t be afraid to sell your art — you can make more!