The Pursuit of Happiness

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            The unending and commonly unrequieted quest that directs our lives might just be fruitless because you can’t see or “find” happiness – you simply decide […] Read more »

Old New Ideas In Education


Cornplanter College in Salamanca, NY breaks convention to meet the growing educational needs. BY: VICTORIA WINDHAM Scores and grades! Where does your child fit? What did they do on the SAT? What about the state […] Read more »

Fight Cancer

Fight Cancer

When you need advanced cancer treatment that is delivered by caring hands, trust the experience of Community Cancer Center of North Florida for complete cancer care. BY: JOHN SOTOMAYOR Like many, […] Read more »

Catch the Spirit

Catch the Spirit

Celebrate Spirit of Faith’s Love Week — November 23 – 30th — by joining together with the community to raise up those in need and brighten the holiday season. BY […] Read more »

The Circle of Hope

Peaceful Paths

Every woman trapped in a life of domestic violence holds to the hope of finding her way to a better life… Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network offers solutions. The Ripple […] Read more »


Viva Hospice

Haven Hospice puts on its 10th Anniversary fundraising event, ViVA! — the height of celebration to raise awareness and funds for much-needed services in the denouement of our lives. BY […] Read more »

Little Blood Suckers

Little Blood Suckers

This Halloween, the littlest vampires are the most dangerous, as a local West Nile case spurs the need for prevention. STORY BY: HEATHER REINBLATT Officials are urging residents to take […] Read more »

Hometown Heroes 2013


Our quest  for  Gainesville’s  heroic citizens continues.  On the following  pages, we present nine people who each have followed their hearts to do the right thing in spite of the […] Read more »