Fountain of Youth Foods


BY Brianna Bates More and more, we hear online and health forums about foods and products that are unhealthy or doing nothing to benefit our day-to-day lives. People are starting […] Read more »

proACTIVE Living


With an exciting variety of activities just for seniors, including exercise and art courses, Gainesville’s residents can’t wait to turn 60.  BY SAMANTHA DEAN As the Zumba Gold class was about the […] Read more »

Golden Years


With an abundance of communities and assisted-living options, seniors have a variety of places to choose from when finding their next home.  The transition is often quite subtle. In fact, […] Read more »

Tailes of Gainesville

By: Meghan Pryce and Carla Vianna   MONKEY MANIA Kari Bagnall lives on 12 acres of land and has 157 neighbors. She knows every single one of their names. The […] Read more »

Natural Selection


By: Samantha Dean With spring upon us and summer right around the corner, take the opportunity to explore approximately 400 acres of newly acquired conservation land in Gainesville.     […] Read more »

The Burning Debate


    By: Maureen Mariano   Locally, it is known as the “Gainesville Green.” Globally, it answers to a host of names, from pot, weed, grass, ganja, cannabis, Mary Jane, […] Read more »