Divine Harmony Healing

She’s new in town! Who might she be? I’m referring to Pauline Pennell Kehoe, a licensed Acupuncture Physician, who opened Divine Harmony Healing earlier this November here in Gainesville.

Pauline Pennell Kehoe
Pauline Pennell Kehoe of Divine Harmony Healing

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Pauline and delving into her beliefs about health and healing. Her passion is contagious. Her keen understanding of acupuncture is astounding and her ability to communicate complex concepts associated with this millennia-old healing technique is awe-inspiring.


Pauline speaks with calm authority—a confidence without need for braggadocio—when relaying her intimate knowledge of and experience with the field of Chinese Medicine.

What makes her truly unique—what sets her apart from other alternative health practitioners—is her comprehensive understanding of Five Element Acupuncture. “The Five Element Acupuncturist sees the client in harmony and perfect balance. Discomfort, pain, weakness, and disease result from imbalances of body, mind and spirit. The five elements—fire, earth, metal, water and wood—are used to determine imbalance as well as health.”

She makes diagnoses based on the five elements and not the Western disease model. “The two medicines can work beautifully together but they are fundamentally very different. A team approach to wellness is fantastic and I encourage both a Western and Chinese Medicine approach when certain health challenges arise.”

During a one-on-one interview, Pauline will diagnose the primary element of strength. Acupuncture is based on 12 “meridians”—channels through which “qi” (pronounced chee) or energy flows throughout the body. The meridians and five elements are also related to organ systems, colors, sounds, odors and emotions.

She’s an investigator, examining words and emotions to find the imbalance in your qi. “When you are communicating your goals and health challenges with me, you innately know what you need and my job is to listen, facilitate and support your healing,” she explained.
Pauline has six years of private practice experience. Her unique ability to communicate with patients allows her to illuminate energy imbalances, helping to achieve the greatest harmony.

In doing so, she receives much appreciation and gratitude. “After years of acupuncture, it was wonderful to find someone who communicated so well,” said Camille A., one of Pauline’s patients from Wichita, KS. “She helped me understand how to be more thoughtful and in touch with my health issues.”

Although acupuncture is used to treat a variety of symptoms, acute and chronic, as well as nonspecific and undiagnosed ailments—such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of energy, weight loss, fertility concerns and much more—Pauline stresses that acupuncture is a preventative medicine. She wants patients to come into her office who are coping with discomfort and pain, but she encourages us all to come in when feeling well.

Therein lies the goal of this practice: to utilize an ancient preventative medicine to encourage optimal health for all Gainesville residents and the world at large. It’s Pauline’s desire that you maintain harmony.

“My acupuncture sessions with Pauline were an amazing experience,” said Margaret O., a patient. “Not only did she help with my depression, but she also helped me to have a better awareness of what my body was telling me about myself. I have become a true believer in the powers of Five Element Acupuncture.”

It is our town’s good fortune that Pauline has moved to Gainesville to be closer to her family, who have all recently relocated here from Coconut Grove, FL. She has earned her B.A. from Wittenberg University and her Master of Acupuncture degree and Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. Pauline also holds a Practitioner of Medical Qigong Certificate from the Overseas College of Henan University of Beijing, China.

Pauline feels that, “Circumstances and life experiences determine the protocol and long term goals.” Her client base has included college professors, corporate executives, moms, couples, the elderly and teenagers.

Pauline’s initial introductory appointment is $150 for a two-hour session, which includes your first treatment, a diagnosis plus a discussion of goals, life history and medical history. Following the initial session, a personalized plan is created for each client and regular sessions are 45-60 minutes at $85. She also offers student and child rates and $40-per-hour non-private sessions on Wednesdays, by appointment only.

For more information, visit www.DivineHarmonyHealing.com, or call Pauline at 352-281-2742.

story / Matthew Beaton