Fight Cancer

When you need advanced cancer treatment that is delivered by caring hands, trust the experience of Community Cancer Center of North Florida for complete cancer care.

Fight Cancer


Like many, cancer has impacted my life. Five years ago, my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells in her blood. It is similar to leukemia in how it attacks the body, causing devastation and ultimately death. My mother was diagnosed as terminal. She was 75 years old and given five years to live, if treated aggressively. My fa- ther broke the news to my brother and I. He looked at us in the eyes and said, “your mother has cancer. It is diagnosed as terminal. But she is going to fight this. We will do whatever we can.” Almost at the same time, my former law school colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was in her late 30s. She had to look her two young daughters in their eyes and tell them the same. “My sweet little angels, mom- myhascancer.ButIamgoingtofightthis.We will get through this – together.”

When faced with this fight, you need the reassurance from your oncology team that no matter what you age or circumstance happens to be, you will receive the fullest available ex- pert care with compassion. In our area, three words offers advanced cancer treatment that is delivered by experienced, caring, trustwor- thy hands – Community Cancer Center.

Community Cancer Center of North Flor- ida is more than a healthcare provider. CCC is an industry innovator that has mastered the science of comprehensive cancer care. CCC and its expert oncology team understands that in order to provide the right solution, they need to look at all directions of cancer care. It is not about being proficient in one aspect of cancer care, it is about being cognizant of the complete cancer care continuum.

That continuum begins with comprehensive cancer services along with the most advanced technology available to detect and treat the disease. The aim at CCC’s sizeable, state-of- the-art facilities in Gainesville and Lake City is to provide their patients with the services they require, offer hope for a better quality of life, and provide successful clinical outcomes all in a peaceful atmosphere that helps heal the spirit as well as the body. The center’s col- laborative approach to treatment involves the entire staff, the patient and the patient’s family.

The continuum maintains with an experi- enced team has the knowledge, resources, and technologically advanced imaging tools to mostaccuratelydeterminetheextentofapa- tient’s disease and evaluate the best treatment options. The four full-time physicians on staff have years of experience in a various areas of expertise, using the best method possible to diagnose and treat their patients, focused on medical oncology, hematology, and radiation oncology, including chemotherapy, radiation, brachytherapy, electron beam therapy, and ex- pert management of blood-related disorders.

Finally, the continuum completes the full cycle of care with a patient navigator who works with each patient and their families connect with much-needed services, including transportation, counseling, and financial assis- tance. A variety of necessary support services provided by CCC include nutritionists avail- able to help with tips on diet, nutrition, and exercise and therapists available in a variety of forms, including acupuncture and massage to alleviate physical and emotional stress. Sup- port groups are also available to allow patients and their loved ones to discuss their cancer care with others experiencing similar situations. At CCC, the entire cancer care team works to provide the best personalized care possible, aware that each patient’s diagnosis is different.

Fortunately for my family and that of my former law school colleague, we received the news were worked so hard to get – our loved ones are improving. In my mother’s case, she outlived her five year diagnosis and her doc- tor said if she continues to improve, he will take her off her chemo treatments, which kept her alive for five years. In essence, the newsconstitutesamiracle–shewillbecured of terminal cancer. In my colleague’s case, her cancer is in full remission. She will live to watch her daughters grow up and have chil- dren of their own. The first step once you get the news you have cancer is to decide to fight. The next step is to find the right team. In our area, that choice should be the Community Cancer Center of North Florida.

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