Reclaiming Your Fairy Tale


Written by Palika Trudeau, M.A. in Psychology and Alain Trudeau

Palika Trudeau, M.A. in Psychology/Relationship Specialist, creates sustainable, high quality couples dynamics via private retreats and sessions.


I feel like I have lost myself in life. Do you have any suggestions on how to get back in touch with me?


Running from appointment to appointment, eating on the go, shuffling kids, career/school, maintaining the house, relationships and a social life…

It’s clearly easy to get lost in the sauce of life and given today’s fast-paced living, getting back in touch with you usually has to be a special intention.

So where to start?

“She sat on the back of a tarnished red bike… zooming down the quiet street lined with modest homes… lost in imaginary dreams, real as the cool air streaming across her face.”   

Did you ever dream uninhibitedly? Feeling they were so real they might as well be true? I think a great way to start reconnecting to you is by remembering your old dreams and envisioning new ones.

When your dreams die a part of you dies with it, when you resurrect your dreams and take steps toward making them come true, innate vitality arises and parts of you come back to life.

Take time during this New Year to re-center and refresh your life direction.

Step 1

Start by thinking above and beyond, imagining that which is most authentic to you. It could be in terms of many aspects of your life. So make a focus list and map out your dreams by expanding on each facet.

Here are some things to consider including: 

Health and fitness


Home environment


Family values

Life purpose/legacy

Step 2

Take a good look at where you stand today.

What is in the way of your dreams coming true? Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but our biggest obstacles are often ourselves.

Get to the root of your roadblocks with an undiluted dose of introspection.

Do you have bad habits? Maybe it’s limited thinking or debilitating patterns. Are any substances keeping you stuck?

Step 3

Identify what habits need to change.

I like the word habit because it distinguishes between a personality flaw and an unbeneficial behavior. With focus, anyone can change a bad habit and develop new healthy ones.

By the way, here’s some good news that you’ve probably already heard: It takes 21 days to break a habit.

Step 4

Get a journal and title it: 21 days toward actualizing my dreams.

First:  Create a section for each focus item and commit to engaging with each one for a 21-day minimum. This is essentially a fixed period of time for getting back in touch with you.

Write about what you wish to actualize. Talk about how good it will feel to make this change. How does your life improve?

Second: Write about the old habit.

Talk about how it debilitated you. How did you feel under the reign of this habit?

Third: Define a step you can take toward this vision.

Notice and write about any positive changes and results as you move forward.

Fourth: Reward yourself for the positive shifts.

This process of making your fairytale come true will be enlivening and engaging. You should feel a sense of empowerment as you honor yourself and travel toward an authentic life.