The Circle of Hope

Peaceful Paths

Every woman trapped in a life of domestic violence holds to the hope of finding her way to a better life… Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network offers solutions.

The Ripple Effect

Peaceful Paths is proud to be leading the work to eliminate intimate partner violence in our community. Since 1974, they have been dedicated to the empowerment of vic- tims and their children by creating services and programs for immediate safety and long term prevention. Peaceful Paths works to educate the public about the impact of vio- lence and control in relationships. They are deeply committed to developing partner- ships that will build a circle of support that families need to move to a violence-free life. Daily, their efforts start ripples of change in society, from the individual level all the way to the widest community impact.

First Ripple -Individual level impact

Public membership in the Circle of Hope provides financial support, which allows Peaceful Paths to fund vital client assistance programs, like the Transition House where women live and transition from victim to survivor. They assist families with critical needs such as food and hygiene products, local transportation and bus tickets for re- location, childcare costs, rent and utility de- posits, replacing identification destroyed by their abuser, and refilling medications and acquiring treatment.

Second Ripple – Agency level impact

The dedication of the Peaceful Paths organization, from the helpline advocates to the Board Chair, is unparalleled in the state. As one of the 42 certified centers part of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Peaceful Paths is recognized as an innovative, exceptional organization that has dedicated itself to creating social change through community collaboration, educa- tion, intervention, and prevention services. Community support will ensure their ongo- ing progress in the mission to eliminate Inti- mate Partner Violence. Monetary donations provide Peaceful Paths the ability to fund critical match for staff positions in prevention, advocacy, and children’s programs, as well as cover expenses not funded through grant income, such as public awareness activities, health insurance for staff, and critical direct assistance to families in need.

Third Ripple – Community level impact

Creating a coordinated community response to the issues surrounding intimate partner violence, from prevention to intervention, is the most effective way to ensure the long term impact of our work. The do- nors that give to the Circle of Hope cam- paign are helping guarantee that Peaceful Paths will transform to one in which servic- es are provided through strategic, compre- hensive collaboration for maximum impact at the individual, agency, and community levels. Peaceful Path’s seeks to become a social enterprise that utilizes the strength of our people resources, passion, supporters,and partnerships to create impact.

Planning for the Long Term

Peaceful Path’s mission has grown from helpline-only services to emergency shelter and on to outreach programs and prevention. Driven by the unique needs that survivors have, the agency determined that creating a housing campus would be the best solution. Peaceful Paths has received over $4 million in gift funding, including the pur- chase of 16 acres – all making the campus expansion a reality.

Now it is time to finish the vision. You can be a part of this vision by making a gift through annual membership on the Board of Trustees, planned giving for the future, or ongoing sponsorships that can create a lega- cy for you or your business. Contact Peaceful Paths today to discuss how you can play a part in empowering survivors to find their path for the future.

Peaceful Paths

2100 NW 53rd Ave, Suite A, Gainesville FL 32653
24 Hour Helpline: 352-377-8255 •800-500-1119

Administration: 352-377-5690